Hundreds of gorgeous St. John photos

It's not unusual to see a helicopter winging across the island.

The Inquiring Iguana, by nature a pessimist, always thinks there's always a real estate developer on board, imaging where he'll draw lot lines on the parcel he's just bought to subdivide. But, truth be known, more often there's probably an artist on board, like St. John's Steve Simonsen.  

For Steve, photography is often about the point of view.  He's made a career of shooting award-winning images from both above and below; in the sky and under the ocean.

This shot is part of a series over the three islands.  It features the Annaberg Ruins.

A collection of Steve's work has been uploaded to the Web. The site, hosted by Photoshelter is a new place where he markets his photography.  "Also a great place to store our high res files as another source of backup," said his partner, Janet Simonsen.  "But most of all we can accommodate clients from somewhere other than the home office.   We sell prints and license image use from the site as well."

Portfolios and slide shows include scenes lof tropical birds, the RMS Rhone, Cruz Bay and Maho Bay. From sunsets to villas to harbors to pelicans, Steve's work highlights the beauty of St. John … and his outstanding skills.


  • Steve's new Web site is here 

4 thoughts on “Hundreds of gorgeous St. John photos”

  1. I met Steve on my last visit. He is a super talented and nice guy. I took one of his photography classes and learned a lot from him.

  2. I must say that Annaburg Ruins & that area is the ultimate. The history & beauty over there is a stop each and every time we visit.

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