IrixGuy’s video Adventure Channel does St. John

You’ve seen those guys riding motorcycles, driving cars, even racing trotters while wearing a helmet-cam, right?  Yes, like the helmet-cam that David Letterman invented.

Well, GoPro Inc., a San Mateo, California company, took the idea seriously and has turned it into a multi-million dollar business making video cameras you wear while you’re doing somethingGo Pro calls itself “the world’s leading activity image capture company.”

What’s this have to do with St. John?  Don’t ask the Inquiring Iguana, ask IrixGuy, who wears his GoPro and posts videos on YouTube.

Irix is on St. John this week.  He took himself and the GoPro HD out for a paddle board at Cinnamon Bay. One piece of advice, though … turn down the audio after a few seconds.  The sound track repeats, and repeats, and repeats. If nothing else, the six-minute video will remind you how clear the water is, how blue the sky is, and how gorgeous is the bay. Here's the paddleboarding video.

IrixGuy also has other videos:

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