Property taxes due July 1

Viirb Here comes the Taxman, again … maybe. 

By an Executive Order, Gov. John P. deJongh has set July 1 as the date for the 2006 property tax bills to be paid.

The bills were sent to residential and commercial property owners in the Virgin Islands last summer.  But because the matter of the fairness of the Territory’s valuation process was being contested in federal courts, the Tax Assessor said they could be ignored.

Which raises the question of how the Governor can now say taxes are due in seven weeks, given that the court case is not yet settled.

Wait, there’s more.  The Acting Tax Assessor told the St. John Source that property tax bills for 2007 are now being processed and may be in the mail in August.  That could mean a second property tax payment will be due around Halloween.

The Governor's Executive Order can be read here.

2 thoughts on “Property taxes due July 1”

  1. What is everyone doing re: their 2006 property taxes?? We are’nt sure WHAT to do! Last year we got a bill for our 2006 taxes, but we ALSO read that we were to hold on paying them, as it was in litigation….then about 2 weeks ago, we received a bill with INTEREST DUE!!!
    We sent them a check, but should we have HELD OUT????
    SO CONFUSING……..???!!!
    Anyone???! Can you help me out with this???

  2. I sent mine. I figure at some point your gonna pay anyway and the gov’t could sure use the money, so the $ would do more to help them now.

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