How busy is it?

Lots of construction traffic is coming down Centerline road, turning at O’Connor’s service station, and then heading out the South Shore road to the Westin, and bays along the coast.  Sometimes the trucks can’t make that sharp left turn, and so have to stock 2/3rds of the way through, and back up into traffic to complete the turn. (Which means some of the Sprauve School crossing guards are turning into traffic cops when the kids are out and the traffic’s blocked.)

This is not a good situation – as proven by last week’s incident when a dump truck came down Centerline, couldn’t brake, pushed a Jeep through the school fence, and kept on going until it came to a stop across from Nazareth Lutheran Church.  Thank goodness the kids were in school.  The Virgin Islands Daily News reports the truck driver, 24-years-old, was cited for "negligent driving by operating a defective vehicle."

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