How to save money on your groceries

Dolphin Market has been offering free, reusable grocery bags which, when you do use them, will save you 10% at checkout. 

Featuring beach photos taken by the island’s uber-photographer, Steve Simonsen, the bags are a joint venture including the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park and the Elizabeth Haub Foundation

It is part of a nationwide effort by the Haub Foundation to reduce the number of plastic bags which when just discarded carelessly, in St. John, are dangerous to coral reefs.’

“Our goal is to create enough incentive for shoppers to remember to use these bags. With the high cost of fuel and increasing price of food, we are hopeful that a 10% discount for bringing in your bag will be the catalyst that will help us reach our goal”, said Friends’ president Joe Kessler.

Dolphin Market is in Cruz Bay, at Boulon Center, near How to save money on groceries the construction site.

16 thoughts on “How to save money on your groceries”

  1. I’m checking with the Friends. In any event, Dolphin advertises a 10% discount at checkout – all you have to do is ask for it.
    The Foundation has also worked with bother supermarkets in the states on tghe bag project.

  2. I would love to have few of these bags, how would I go about purchasing one? It would be great to have the warm thoughts of St. John while protecting the environment of using a reusable bag.

  3. Hi Frank, Could you send info on having a few of these bags sent to the states? It looks like there are a lot of posts about this so maybe selling these bags could raise some money! Thanks.

  4. We are still working at the Friends to determine a way to supply the Haub bag to our stateside followers. It may be available soon on our website but between now and then I will keep you all informed. Thanks for all the interest and support in this on island effort.

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