How to save $96 at the Westin

When it comes time to leave the Westin St. John, you have two choices. 

  • The public ferry to Red Hook ($6, plus $2/bag) or Charlotte Amalie ($12 plus $2 a bag),
  • The Westin's ferry, which will set you back $30 a person.

For a family of four, taking the public ferry to Red Hook, with carry-ons, that works out to $24. For a family of four from the Westin, it's $120.

That's how you can save $96. Enough for dinner somewhere.

21 thoughts on “How to save $96 at the Westin”

  1. Are you sure about the amount for the Westin ferry? I thought it was $110.00/person round trip with unlimitied usage. You are probably right, but just thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth.

  2. I would pay $200 just for the non-aggravation factor. Plus, you get to go straight to Charlotte Amalie and the taxi is much easier from there to the airport.

  3. Looks like there are different deals here. One reader says the price is $110 for round trip, unlimited use – maybe a visit to STT as well as to and from the airport.
    When we called, we were talking one-way – and that’s when we got the $30 price.

  4. As a Westin owner, I have never been quoted $30.00. The price has been the $110.00 most recently. When I purchased at the Westin the price was around $80.00 round trip. It has continuously increased year after year. It is NOT a bargain by any means. Enjoy the whole experience of the islands and take the Ferry. For an even bigger savings- take the car ferry. However, I prefer to rent my vehicles from local companies on STJ.

  5. Used the Westin ferry this past January. It was $110 per person which includes round trip for the airport AND unlimited trips to STT. There used to be an owners discount but that’s now gone.

  6. The Westin ferry is great. The part we didn’t like is the transfer from the Westin Ferry to the airport. We had to wait for the luggage to be brought to the airport, which was a while. There was quite a few people waiting for their luggage. By the time we got it, there were very long lines at the airline counters.

  7. I appreciate wanting to rent on STJ, but we rent on St. Thomas and take the car ferry over every time. No taxi, waiting in your own car seems kinder and gentler, and you drive straight off to your villa.

  8. I was charged fity bucks and I paid in cash for roundtrip and my hat blew off in the ocean. The hat cost 20. The rum drinks were free. The whole experience: priceless.

  9. You did neglect to add in the price of taxes. You do save a small amount by using the Public Ferry. No where near the amount you said. There is the convenience factor of the Westin Ferry for the minimal higher price. You also run the risk of making multiple stops on the way to and from the airport from Red Hook by taxi. We have used both ferries and believe me the Westin Ferry is a lot more pleasant and easier.

  10. It is $110 unlimited and $55 one-way… fact – I have paid these. We now rent a 4WD on STT and take car barge.
    Not $30, unless it is some special ‘island-folk’ rate…

  11. I totaled all of my fees for round trip which included 1. Taxi to/from airport to Red Hook
    2. Red Hook Ferry to/from St John
    3. taxi to /from villa to ferry dock
    The total price was $60.00 per person. A lot less than the Westin’s fee of $110.00 per person.
    Now I know they say with the Westin ferry price you can travel back & forth to St Thomas as many times as you like, but once I get to St john, I have no desire to leave the island for St Thomas or anywhere else!

  12. no denying the savings over westin ferry. just be prepared to experience a ‘somalian pirate-like feel’ on the way. wear the lifejacket!

  13. I don’t stay at the Westin, but after over 15 years coming to St John, I have been renting in STT and coming over on the car barge. With a family of five save a bunch

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