How to prevent ‘snorkel fog’

You know how your snorkel mask fogs up?  Don't you hate when that happens? You're not alone.  

It's become a popular topic on the Virgin Islands On-Line forum.  And some good advice has surfaced.

STTResident offered the tried and true "spit on the glass" suggestion.

  • "When you're ready to go into the water, rinse out your mask in the sea water, then spit into the inside of your snorkel mask and rub the saliva around. Rinse again, don the mask and you're all set to go. No doubt there's a technical maven out there who can explain exactly why this works but I've never bothered to research it because it simply works."

Bluewater43 uses a commercial product, drops on the glass. Maybe this stuff 

  • "I rub 2 or 3 drops in the mask while still dry then dip twice to rinse and put on." 

LivandMarc from Columbus suggest using Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

  • "Wet mask, add a few drops, smear it around, rinse."

4 thoughts on “How to prevent ‘snorkel fog’”

  1. Just use spit! I grew up on St. John and that’s all we used! Works very nice, an is friendly to the enviornment 😀
    Really, it works!

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