St. John Photo Safari is a ‘go’

Registration is full for next Wednesday’s photo-walk with Steve Simonsen.  Naturally, we’re all excited about the adventure.

There’s a waiting list. You can get on it if you understand you may get a call next Tuesday to be ready to go the next morning at 6 a.m.  E-mail me at [email protected].

We will be visiting three locations on St. John.  I'll post a gallery of the pictures we take. Hopefully, they will begin to appear next Thursday. I suspect they’ll be coming for a week.

6 thoughts on “St. John Photo Safari is a ‘go’”

  1. Won’t be there but I might suggest it is not only inexpensive, but less then the cost of an over priced STJ meal and you’ll no doubt get more out of it.
    What a great opportunity.

  2. I wish we were coming down. I wouldn’t want to miss this if we were. Just to have Steve give me a few pointers would be worth twice the amount.

  3. Frank,
    It sounds like this has been a very popular idea. Is Steve considering doing this on a regular basis? I’ll bet he could fill a group once or twice a month at the least. What a great idea!!

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