How On Earth Did This Get Here…

Image courtesy of Edward from New York City
There’s a mystery lurking underneath the water just off of Hawksnest. A rather large Buddha recently appeared over near the reef, and no one seems to know how it got there.

From what we know, the Buddha appeared within the last few weeks and is located in relatively shallow water to the right side of Hawksnest over toward Gibney beach. We were chatting with Beverly over at Caravan Gallery yesterday, and she said the statue is so large and heavy that it had to be hard to get it here on island, let alone in the water. So you have to wonder – who brought it there and why?

This picture posted on Caravan Gallery’s Facebook page will give you a better idea of its size:

Image courtesy of Caravan Gallery
Image courtesy of Caravan Gallery
Pretty neat, right?

19 thoughts on “How On Earth Did This Get Here…”

  1. Saw it a couple of weeks ago – it was quite the object of attention that particular day. Adds a little mystery and another place for the little fish to gather ’round.

  2. I have to wonder if the NPS will allow it to remain there as a possible religious symbol -since they would not let the beautiful Christ of the Caribbean sculpture erected by Lt. Col Wadsworth in 1953 to be rebuilt after Hurricane Marilyn

    • Hurricane Marilyn destroyed The Christ of the Caribbean statue in 1995. The National Park Service had no objections, and nothing to do with its demise. It was getting pretty old, and the wind speeds were impressive, just did it in. 🙁

  3. Eh, I guess I’m a party pooper but it kinda seems like littering to me. Just because some people think it’s “neat” doesn’t mean that it should be left in the water in protected park lands.

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