How Inner Visions got to Maine

Maine More than 10 years ago, a chance encounter with a villa owner at Fred's night club led   Grasshopper Pickering and his reggae group, Inner Visions, to New England.

The villa owners, John and Katherine Reny, live in Round Pond, Maine when they're not on island.  According to an article in their home town newspaper, the Lincoln County News, the Renys enjoyed the music and invited the group to their house.  Next thing Grasshopper knows, the couple offered to sponsor his band’s CD releases and invited Inner Visions to Maine.

A few house parties up north followed, and then the Damariscotta River Association asked the band to play at its annual fund raising event for conservation  and education programs, the Great Salt Bay Music Festival.  Sunday, Inner Visions made its fourth annual appearance at the event.

“It’s all about future generations and protecting Mother nature for them,” Pickering told the newspaper. “We hope that our own children will return to this area, and to the river we’re helping to preserve.

Besides offering good music, Inner Visions also has a good time. “Mainers come out with a vengeance” during the summer months,” Pickering said. “It’s s real party.”

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  1. Concert day was yet another washout in soggy Maine. We were going to go but didn’t fancy standing all afternoon in the fog and drizzle. Especially since we get to listen to Inner Visions every winter Thursday playing at Sputnik from our house on Bordeaux Mtn. on St John. Check out our ad on this site: Skyflower.

  2. Yes–The Reny’s are remarkable people…see them when they are here is st john january’s…they have emailed us telling us they be here 2010!…we have known them from maine where we (lived for over 22 years) and still have a cottage outside of Damisriscotta shop at the family store Reny’s.
    It is sad to report that John and Katherine are mourning the loss of the patriarch dad and store founder, robert, who died a few days ago and a funerals was just held..
    Here is the obituary:
    Anyone wishing to thank John and send condolences should email him at: [email protected]
    Tell him dan and maura at Virgin Voice sent you…
    ps we are trying to get video and audio of inner visions performing and will post at the newly upgraded http://www.virginvoices.com that is launching aug 7th

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