How a Colorado dog became ‘Iguana Hunter’

Shannon and David and their dog are now six months into living the dream.  

“We finally hired someone to work part-time in the store, Gallows Point Gift and Gourmet,” she said. 

Being able to rely on Kristin, “who has the hugest personality and southern drawl,” means that Shannon and David have had a few half-days off, together. “Finally enjoying every minute of what we moved here,” she said.

But apparently relaxing is not part of her personality. “I’ve also started baking,” she proudly said, saying “The store will now have home-made banana bread or muffins daily.” Aspen

Which has brought her to another realization.  “We do miss the conveniences of state-side living … no trash pick up, no Chipotle chicken burritos … and for some reason the grocery stores are always out of bananas.”

While life is less convenient, it’s also less complicated. “We walk to work in five minutes while enjoying magnificent ocean views, and the only traffic jam may be a few iguanas, roosters or goats crossing the road.”

However, those iguanas are deviling Aspen.  “They poop on his favorite place to lounge on the deck.  The other day he actually tried chasing one up a tree.  How can such as small herbivore poop so much?”

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  1. It’s the nature of being an herbivore. Since so much of what they eat can’t be digested, they poop a lot.
    It was really annoying on one trip, we would put our dive/snorkel gear out on the deck to dry off, and when we checked an hour or so later a BIG iguana had pooped on my gear. It must have been because my gear was plain black, and everyone else’s wasn’t, that he was attracted to it. It was his favorite place to go over the course of the week. I guess it was warmer than the colorful stuff. It got really annoying when we realized that he was crawling OVER all the other gear to poop on mine!

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