House Hunters International Filming on St. John Once Again

Dave and Julie Filming
So we stopped by Wharfside Village yesterday afternoon before joining some friends at the overlook for sunset, and we stumbled on something super fun … House Hunters International is filming on St. John one again! Yahoo!

Now you might be saying to yourselves, let’s keep St. John a secret. And yes, I get that. But tourism is our bread and butter down here, so we’re super excited to see yet another episode being filmed on island.

This episode appears to be following around David Thomeczek and Julie Hoy. Dave and Julie manager Coconut Coast Villas. They also oversee St. John Boat Tours, Casa Mare and Hale Lani villas.

Now we don’t know all the details, but our guess (based on past episodes) is that the crew will likely be filming over at the other two villas this week. One happens to be our neighbor, so we’ll give you all the scoop if we see something.

In the meantime, here are a few more pictures we took from Cruz Bay beach yesterday afternoon…

House Hunters Filming

More filming

Dave and Julie
Dave and Julie

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