Hooters does the Virgin islands

So, it looks like that visit by the Hooters yacht to the Westin Resort in March this year really may have been for business.  Read our coverage.

The company has now reportedly leased 5,000 square feet for a restaurant on St. Thomas at Buccaneer Mall.  This means it will be conveniently located near where large cruise ships dock.

(Cruise the Caribbean … discover a Hooters.  What a country!)

The Virgin Islands Daily News reported the new Hooters is expected to open in December.  Hours will be 9 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.  Read the Daily News article.

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11 thoughts on “Hooters does the Virgin islands”

  1. I just learned about The Beach Bar’s tax problems…what does that hold in future as far as it staying open? It’s always been the first bar we go to when we arrive(Morgans’ Mango is usually closed-),and the last bar we visit before hitting the ferry home.I hope it stays around…

  2. Debra-why not STJ. It’s always worth a trip to Hooters for their hot wings.
    James-where’s the citation for this tax problem. I can’t remember but it was one or two years ago that they ‘raided’ the place…..IRS.

  3. Beach Bar is having tax problems? Oh I hope they can get them paid. I agree with James – it is one of our favorite places, too! We stop in for the first Pain Killer (and appetizers) when we arrive and the last Pain Killer right before we leave.
    Hooters – please stay out of St. John – St. Thomas is bad enough.

  4. I can’t even imagine a Hooters on St. John! What in the world…..
    I’m ALSO glad they chose St. Thomas…so much more commercialized and where they need to be! All those cruise ship tourists will LOVE it….in their white sox and tennies!!!

  5. I was actually shocked to see Subway opening up a few years back. It still seems strange to me whenever I see it. I’m sure it’s good for jobs ,and such,but it just seems out of place,no?

  6. Beach Bar having some tax problems?
    That’s putting it lightly. The owner pleaded guilty to cooking the books! I for one can find many other St. John bars to spend my hard earned taxed dollars…. Fred’s, Mooie’s, Patrick’s or Sputnik for a start.

  7. David, just read about it in the Tradewinds. Seems the guys gonna have more problems than just paying the money back. My gut feeling is that the Beach Bar is going to have a huge lean put on it. Since it seems that he ran it as a sole proprietorship. He’s toast. Looks like your friendly bartender could very well have a blue jacket with ICE on the back.
    Frank, tell T and Debra a little more about me. I think they’ve got to get a funny bone.

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