Honk if you see this car

LovecitysuzukiGenBug, an island visitor, spotted this little beauty parked in that oh-do-dear spot next to Connections.

GenBug's got a lot of St. John photos.  See 'em at http://www.flickr.com/photos/genbug/sets/72157622553719613/. (I love Island Dog.

3 thoughts on “Honk if you see this car”

  1. I have a photo of this same rig from our trip to St John January of 2008. They have painted it! I used to have stickers all over it. I would post the photo but I don’t know if I can do that here.

  2. Sorry, not writing about the car…Trying to find Capt, Jeffrey Stevenson formerly of The Banana Deck, New Horizons and Low Key Dive shop. Can someone help me out here. If someone knows how to contact him- please let him know Tina from St Croix- now living in the Fl Keys is looking for him. My# 305-304-9400
    Thanks St John and I miss the VI very much!!

  3. That’s one awesome paint job. Is it just parked there all the time, or does someone drive that around town? It would be pretty cool if you see that cruisin’ around.

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