Homegrown Business Offers Healthy Snacks

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It’s pretty easy to gain weight during the holiday season, but one local resident wants to help you prevent doing just that.

It all began back in May when Evan Silbert decided to stop drinking, which isn’t an easy feat on an island known for its abundance of libations. Within weeks, Evan started having more energy and noticed he was losing a significant amount of weight as well. That impromptu weight loss prompted Evan to try a bit harder to lose weight, so he started to really look at what he was eating, including the ingredients in many of his favorite foods. What Evan found was that he was eating a lot of processed foods that had little to no nutritional value.

Evan began exercising more, taking advantage of the island’s wonderful hiking trails. He also started eating more healthfully. One thing he found lacking on island, however, was a protein bar that was nutritious, yet low in calories. So he decided to create one himself. The result is Eat Smart VI protein bars, and they’re not only good for you, they’re delicious!

Eat Smart VI currently offers two flavors – the Almond Happy bar and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream bar – however we hear additional flavors are coming soon. Both have less than 250 calories – the same amount of calories as an o-bomb, a popular shot in many of the local bars – and are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. They’re also organic and gluten free.

Eat Smart VI bars are a great option when you’re looking for a little snack throughout the day. They’re great to throw in your daypack when you’re taking a hike or also when you’re out on the beach.

You can purchase Eat Smart VI bars at Keep Me Posted and Pickles in Coral Bay, or at Sam & Jacks or Cafe Livin’ in Cruz Bay. The bars can also be ordered online and will be shipped via Priority Mail. You can learn more by following them on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/EatSmartVI.

And here’s a little fun fact to leave you with … Evan has lost 100 pounds since May. How amazing is that??!! Major kudos to you, Evan.


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