Holy cruise ship! Oasis of the Seas has arrived


And YouTube was there.  See it here.

9 thoughts on “Holy cruise ship! Oasis of the Seas has arrived”

  1. you are so funny.
    I worked this ship today.
    did my tours with it’s guests.
    made my money. then came home to stj.
    are you those guys I have seen in town for the past decade with t-shirts saying “I hate tourists?”
    stj made little money today because of those ships. SO???!!!
    we are what we are. I have found a way to make money off of ships in stt. have u?
    besides, if you owned a business in stt would you send people to another island to spend their money? the only tight wads and cheezy people here are the ones who made no money off of our only resource today… think about it.
    my family was born here. positive up or go home. we don’t need u to make fun of the only way virgin island families make their living.

  2. Norman Paperman is right. Without the cruise ships, please tell me where the money comes from for all the useless, underqualified and overpaid government employees, SUV’s, fee government gas and all the perks so they can move stateside when they retire. Oh, and the millions spent on hovering spy helicopters, too.

  3. TOO BIG! The mayor of Venice, Italy thinks large cruise ships have ruined Venice for Venetians. The environmental and sheer volume impact of that many people arriving at one time is enormous(no pun intended).
    However, more power and money to the taxi drivers and vendors. I don’t begrudge you a penny.
    I’m a STJ visitor and appreciate what tourism does for the local economy. But I’ll stay away from Trunk Bay when THAT ship’s in port!

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