Hollywood Gets New Guitar!


For those of you who follow us over on Facebook, you may recall a message we posted back in May about Hollywood and his guitar. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Hollywood, he’s a Cruz Bay fixture who can often be found strumming on his guitar outside of Woody’s. Well about a month of so back, Hollywood’s guitar was broken and we asked all of you for some help. Here’s our happy little update…

We received tremendous feedback from all of you. A ton of people offered to send Hollywood a new guitar. He received a new one within days but wasn’t content with its tune, so he asked for a new one. (Who knew Hollywood was so picky about his guitars??!!) Well a News of St. John reader from California delivered and in a big way.

We’d like to publicly thank Darren Fulce for shipping us a new guitar to Hollwood. We delivered it to him the other day and he couldn’t be happier. Here’s a quick video we took Wednesday night:

So a HUGE thank you to Darren Fulce and to all of you who offered to make Hollywood’s days a bit brighter.

4 thoughts on “Hollywood Gets New Guitar!”

  1. Hello, although my 35 year old daughter lives on St. John with her husband, I have not been there since right before she was born. The cruise ship I was on had a gentleman named “Hollywood” who would dance and strum a guitar when he wasn’t bar tending. Do you know if this is the same “Hollywood”?

  2. Wow, couple things wrong here. Hollywood gets a brand new guitar almost immediately and decides it’s not good enough?!?! That’s a mentality that many would like to see go away. Maybe Hollywood can get a job bar tending at Woody’s and buy his OWN guitar when he saves enough dough. You know, like many of us do. Second, this is to Alan Miles. Why are you more concerned with whether this guy was Hollywood or not? I’d be more concerned with the fact that you haven’t seen your daughter in over 35 years!

  3. Wow Beach Bum. I truly hope you do not live on island. Your attitude is exactly what is NOT needed on St. John. I am one of those who helped purchased Hollywood’s first guitar replacement. He was incredibly appreciative of the first guitar, but just could not make it work for him despite his best efforts. Being one who helped purchased the guitar, I was not offended in the least when it wouldn’t work for him. Any musician could explain this to you and completely understand. Hollywood has many talents, but fortunately for the islanders and those who visit, his best job is entertaining. I for one am thankful for him as he has brought many smiles. As for your comment rewarding Allen Miles, I have never heard a more moronic statement. Mr. Miles did not indicate that he had not seen his daughter in over 35 years! He simply stated he had not been to the island in that period of time! For all you know his daughter and her husband moved to the island a month ago. Major fail Beach Bum, and may you never grace the shores of St. John.

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