Chateau Bordeaux is closed.

Update: Stopped by on our way to Donkey Diner, Shipwreck, and Jolly Dog Wednesday afternoon.

Chateau Bordeaux is Gon-zo!.

One of the Inquiring Iguana's Deputies says a slow season was one strike against restaurant's future. Second, the lease was up. Strike three may have been taxi drivers; flat-rate fee of $10/each way from Cruz Bay.


One of St. John’s best known dining spots, Chateau Bordeaux, has reportedly closed.  First word came from a friend who picked up the (25-year-old?) chef who said he was being transferred to another of the owner’s restaurants, the Balcony at Wharfside. 

Then came word the place has been boarded up.  And the telephone doesn’t get answered either.  There is some speculation another management team, perhaps from another company, may come in and reopen for business at the fantastic site overlooking Coral Bay.

Mrs. Inquiring Iguana and I ate there only once. The food certainly did not justify the price.  She remembers (how do they do this?) that we had mashed potatoes that were hard. The most memorable part of the evening was the drive back to Great Cruz Bay via Centerline and Gifft Hill.

Meanwhile, the island’s newest restaurant, La Plancha del Mar at the Marketplace, continues to have impressive word of mouth and a rave review via Virgin Islands On-Line.com.

"The best meal I've had on St John and i've been coming here for 20 years."

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  1. We ate there after our beach wedding on June 12, 2003. There were only four of us and I have to say, it was hands down the highlight of our day. The food was wonderful and the service was outstanding. So sad to think its no longer open…

  2. We ate there last year, and the young chef’s last name is Sanchez, his brother is Chef Omar Sanchez who used to be at CB but last year he was at Chloe and Bernards. Does anyone know if they are still on the island? We had outstanding meals at both locations last year.

  3. I’ve always loved Chateau Bordeaux and am sad it is closed. Hopefully someone else will take it over as it is a wonderful spot for a romantic dinner, and a great stop for a burger at the burger shack on the way to Coral Bay. We went there in November after the menu change and I really enjoyed everything except the ugly blue chair covers.

  4. Hi, the young man’s name is Donny Mace Originally from Bar Harbor Maine. He was the new chef this fall. He now works at the Balcony.I Had dinner there last November it was incredible. the Balcony is also very good. both have great views and friendly service

  5. I will also chime in as one who is really sorry to learn that CB has closed. We had several very nice dinners there over the years – we always made a point to eat there at least once on each visit to STJ. It’s such a fantastic location with incomparable views for “reverse sunset” that I sure hope the owners are able to reopen, or someone else makes a go of it. And when you could hit it for a mellow mid-day lunch of a burger or fish sandwich… it was just spot on.

  6. Sad to hear. We had a wonderful dinner there last November. Superb food and incredible views. I was looking forward to going there on our next St John vacation.

  7. I wonder if a more “low end” menu at CB would keep the place open? I remember, some time ago, having a dinner where the wine was $60 a bottle and we could get it for $15 in town. I know there are markups but a high proced killer priced menu just doesn’t bring back customers.
    In today’s environment the low end menu is king.

  8. About Chateau Bordeau – when Winston and Chris owned it, the food was fabulous and worth the price. However in recent years, it appears that St. John needs more restaurants in the middle range. Why not make Chateau Bordeau a place to get Hamburgers, cheesburgers, sandwiches, sodas, wine, beer drinks, ice cream – We think there would be a fantastic lunch crowd there for the view. It is an ideal place to feed tourists. At night it could still be a nice restaurant on the scale of the Lime Inn. Why doesn’t someone try this? Winston, if you are reading this, why not try this approach?
    Your old matched pair friends Jim, Ginny, Cath, and Jim

  9. So sad to hear that this closed. An absolutely beautiful restaurant with fantastic food. My wife and I ate there for our engagement dinner. So many memories. We lived on St. John for about 1 and 1/2 years and have fond memories of this restaurant. Sad to see it go. Hopefully someone else will open something good up in it. The view is unbelievable.

  10. In over 20 years and a dozen visits to the island, my two meals Chateau Bordeaux rank as two of the best. The stunningly beautiful view humbled me. I can’t begin to remember what I ate.

  11. Chateau Bordeaux has been my favorite restaurant ANYWHERE for years. I have been eating there everytime I made an island visit, since 1992. I was never disappointed nor did I think it wasn’t worth the price. This past Sept, I was shocked to see the change in decor, a sign of new management or ownership. I was pleasantly pleased that the food was still top notch. I am very sad to see the restaurant close, but unfortunately change is always inevitable. I can only hope that someone with equal culinary talents will reopen there, and hopefully keep the same charm and intimacy that was part of the restaurant’s wonderful appeal.

  12. I worked there in 2003. What was the Chef’s name? He made the best dish I have ever had in my life. The lamb shank. I have tried to re-create but still not quite there.

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