High Season is Upon Us…

Well folks, high season is upon us. I woke up this morning and noticed not one, but two cruise ships out in Cruz Bay harbor.

The cruise ships pictured above are Seadream 2 (pictured above on the left) and the Azamara Quest (pictured above right).

Both Seadream 1 and 2 are frequent Cruz Bay visitors during high season. Seadream is a small, luxury, boutique-like cruise ship that carries only a few hundred passengers. Seadream 2 is only 104 meters long, which is rather small for a cruise ship.

I had the opportunity to tour Seadream back in 2015. It was a beautiful ship. Click here to read all about it. 

Azamara Quest is another boutique luxury cruise ship, however it’s a bit larger at 181 meters and it carries roughly 710 passengers. Both ships will remain in Cruz Bay for the day before moving on to their next destinations.

Curious how we knew all of this info on the cruise ships? Well there’s an app for it. Click here to read a story we wrote about that. 

Not on St. John, but you’d like to check out these ships? You can do so by checking out Grande Bay’s webcam here. 

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