HGTV Films Again on St. John

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Image courtesy of Mollee L.

Looks like St. John’s going to be the focus of yet another HGTV show… Gosh we’re a pretty popular island!

I was hanging out with some News of St. John readers at Joe’s Rum Hut yesterday afternoon, when a cameraman walked past me and down onto the beach. I’d heard that HGTV was coming back to the island, but I didn’t realize it was happening now. So I took my natural curious/nosey (you take your pick) self down to the beach and asked a few questions. You know, so I could give the scoop to all of you. 🙂

Turns out that HGTV is filming an episode of Caribbean Life. This latest episode will focus on the new couple who owns St. John Car Rental from what I hear. They did some filming yesterday afternoon at Waterfront Bistro and earlier that day when out and about with Iggy on RocknRolla. We heard they’re going to do a little hiking and perhaps stop over at Cinnamon Bay too.

This isn’t the first episode of Caribbean Life that’s been filmed here on island. Beach Bar owners Joe and Karina were featured on an episode that aired back in April. Click here to read all about it. 

4 thoughts on “HGTV Films Again on St. John”

  1. News to me too! Lonnie had owned St. John Car Rental since 1975, in addition to founding the St. John Singers, being active in the St. John Community Foundation, and more recently becoming the President of the St. John Historical Society. If, as it appears, she has chosen to retire as the owner of St. John Car Rentals, we wish both her and the new owners the very best (and can’t wait to see the new episode of Caribbean Life).

  2. I rented a car from them in late January for two weeks and they are very nice and hard working.
    They took over in December and were working very hard to get everything in order and organized. I would see them there at night around 8 PM looking very busy but still had time to say “Hello”.
    I wish them the best….Al

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