Heineken, Coors most popular beach beers

Yes, the headline's a little misleading.  But, there's some truth to it.

You see, the volunteers and staffers at Maho Bay reported that Coors and Greenie bottles were the most numerous among the debris and discards they found while cleaning up Gibney Beach.

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"The goal was to pick up as much trash on the beach and the surrounding area, the parking lot, the driveway, and the community center near the beach," said the Blog of Maho. "In two hours 14 bags of trash, one tire, and one rusted folding chair were collected."


Stephen Ranaldi, a cook at the camps, was the spark behind the project.  He began the winter season with the goal of policing trash at each St. John beach during the winter.  Co-workers warmed to the idea and helped him out. 

11 thoughts on “Heineken, Coors most popular beach beers”

  1. Thanks to the Maho crew.
    An alternate analysis of their findings is that people who drink Heineken or Coors are more prone to litter than those who choose other beers.

  2. Having only gone to St John (10 times) in the low season and always go to gibney beach, I’ve never encountered trash there. Yet another alternate analysis of their findings: High season tourists are a bunch of do as I say, not as I do self important eco-elitist hypocrites. But then again, I think everyone already knew that.

  3. Why would anyone be so thoughtless as to litter anywhere, especially a beautiful National Park that they enjoy going too, it’s pure laziness, kudos to the volunteers that donated their time to cleaning it up.

  4. The reason that these are the “most popular” is that they are a few beers that you can find on the island. The overall selection of beers available is really poor

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