Heard on the ferry to Charlotte Amalie

"Did you have a good time on the island?"

"Oh, yes."

"Favorite restaurants?"

"Lime Inn was very good.  And Joe's Barbecue.  We'd also heard that Caneel has a great buffet on Monday nights.  With lots of lobster.  I didn't have any, but others in our group probably had about eight.  But, I didn't think the food was very good."

Woman in front of this person said, "You know, we stayed at Caneel.  And the food wasn't good.  Very disappointing."

The Inquiring Iguana, and his visitors from Maine, ate at the Caneel beach side bar/restaurant twice in the past two weeks.  Even though what used to be the $40 hamburger (w/libations included) is now $47, the burgers and salads and club sandwiches were very good.

8 thoughts on “Heard on the ferry to Charlotte Amalie”

  1. Lime Inn is the best. Caneel’s food has sucked for the past 10 yrs except the $40 per per person breakfest buffet, but come on – $40 for breakfest? The Bar food isn’t bad as far as bar food goes, but if you want dinner, go to town.

  2. We had Thanksgiving there and then started out annual walk out to Turtle Bay. We were asked to leave the property before we got there. Unbelievable. We have been taking that walk for years.

  3. The BBC drinks are very good, just buy one of those and they will validate your beach parking. Then go to Joe’s BBQ for a real lunch.

  4. We don’t visit St John without dinner and drinks at the Lime Inn…I agree…one of the best. Rich is AWESOME…we’ve rented Sea Cay, which is one of his villas, twice…love him.

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