Coral Bay’s only road in and out, in danger

As if driving on the left side of the road isn't challenge enough for tourists, now they have to worry about there being no road.

So say worried residents in Coral Bay where heavy rains three years ago undermined portions of Centerline Road which still haven't been repaired.  The Public Works Department is still preparing "bid packages for the remediation work", the Virgin Islands Daily News was told.

Now, the problem is worse.  Heavy, heavy rains last weekend did more damage.  The Daily News quotes Denise Barbier saying there are at least five places along two miles of Centerline that could collapse beneath a car, taxi, school bus, or construction equipment.  "There is nothing under the road," she said.

The News reported Public Works has put up some barricades to keep drivers away from the dangerous sections. But, the newspaper said, a week ago, three of them fell over the side of the road.  Obviously, these are not the concrete Jersey barriers we're used to seeing in the States.

"If the road is closed or collapses, then there is no way in or out," said Coral Bay homeowner Franz Jaggar. On the other hand, he said if that happens, "Skinny Legs will do big business."  

As Hill Street's Sgt. Phil Esterhause might have said, "Drivers … Be safe out there." 

3 thoughts on “Coral Bay’s only road in and out, in danger”

  1. One more reason to take steps to limit the size and number of vehicles allowed on the island just to satisfy the egocentric narcissism of those who insist on bringing their SUV with them to this tiny, fragile island. These roads were never designed for large pickup trucks thinly disguised as passenger cars.

  2. SUVs! What about all the giant pickup trucks the locals run you off the road with!! They don’t have that much to do with it anyway. Look how junky the island is. Rotting cars and tires on the side of the road. The local government is doing something else with the money allotted for upkeep in general. The National Forest Service area is clean with good roads. It was like being in Louisiana and driving into Texas. Being from Louisiana, I recognize crooked government.

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