Hawksnest sign still wrong

HawknestbayA picture is worth a thousand words.
(Click on it to see a bigger version.)

  • How long does it take to get a sign right? The National Park knew about this screwup months ago.
  • Did any Park Service employees review the design?
  • Did any Park Service employees notice the misspelling before the sign was installed?

4 thoughts on “Hawksnest sign still wrong”

  1. Damn Frank, likes it’s only a small mistake. I’ll bring down some magic markers and we can change it in June. What’s another few months.
    We’ll make it easy by just putting in a “carrot”, yeah I know it’s spelled wrong, mark and place the S above it.
    See, it’s easy.

  2. was out in Coral Bay today, and saw another way to fix this problem. Some cute editing of traffic signs … I’ll post a few early this week. You’ll love ’em.

  3. I took my own picture of the sign while on St. John this past week. I thought I’d get the photo to remember the mistake that was made. I probably could have waited until next year’s annual trip and taken the same picture then….!

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