Have you read the news today?

A new issue of the Sun Times is out.  Featuring an imaginative retro-Life magazine cover, the Jan.-Feb. issue includes mating frogs, new restaurants on St. John and St. Thomas, more about the Virgin Isle hotel, and tips on where to find good deals on food and drinks.

One St. John treat featured is the new sushi menu being offered at Caneel’s beach bar.  While at first the $25/head price tag seems crazy, (“What the heck, it’s Caneel, right?), at the end of the meal, it’s a bargain. “The portions are insanely large. 10 pieces, nearly double the size of a normal roll.”  Reviewer, and Sun Times publisher, Ella Anderson pronounces this a tasty – and good – deal.

It's also the annual Food issue, traditionally the most popular.  She ‘confesses’ she’s surprised at how good she feels ‘juicing fruits and vegetables, healthy fats” which “makes you feel really good.”

The traditional interview-with-a-local feature at the back of the magazine features Robert O’Connor

In the old days, he had a gas station and Jeep rental business where the turnabout is now in Cruz Bay.Then he served a term or two as a VI Senator.  

Asked what he does when he spends money to splurge, O’Connor said he likes to travel. "In order to really appreciate St. John … you have to get off the island. Had I not gone anyplace, I would have just taken it for granted.”

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