Harper’s Bazaar Names Maho Best Beach, But They Got It All Wrong…

Not Maho Harpers Bazarre
One of our beaches just made a “best of” list, but unfortunately the authors got it all wrong.

Harper’s Bazaar, one of the oldest monthly magazines in America, released its “Best Beaches in the World” list yesterday and included Maho Bay as number 7. We couldn’t agree more, as it’s also one of our favorite beaches in the world. Here’s what they had to say:

One of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ finest white sand beaches, Maho Bay is also a great place to go swimming with sea turtles. 

All true. However, they used a picture of Trunk Bay to illustrate it. Goodness.

Pretty much the same thing happened last year when CNN named Maho a top beach. It too used a pic of Trunk. Click here to read that story 

For those of you who love Maho like me and know exactly what it looks like, here are a few pics to get you through your Friday…


feb 7 maho

Maho turtle

14 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar Names Maho Best Beach, But They Got It All Wrong…”

  1. We love Maho! Last February while snorkeling, I saw a family of eagle rays (at least I assume it was a family), there were 7 there of various sizes. Have snorkeled there many times with sea turtles. Arriving early some we’ve even had the beach almost to ourselves. Looking forward to Feb. 2018!

    • If you do a “Google Search” for just about anything USVI related, A pic of Trunk comes up, usually the same pic everyone has taken from the “scenic view” pull off. Listen, of course “Google” must be right and we are all wrong.

  2. Have been to St. John several times, staying in the National Park & Maho Bay tent/cottages. Many happy wonderful memories. Would love to go back.

  3. It gets worse: I once saw a real estate listing for an island in Greece, and they were using a picture of Trunk Bay!

    Here’s the backstory:

    The Daily Mail had an article about owning a Greek island, and several islands were featured, including Kato Antikeri, which included a picture of Trunk Bay. The picture of Trunk within the article had a copyright watermark in the corner that said “Private Islands Online,” so I went to that company’s website, and sure enough, the real estate listing for Kato Antikeri had a picture of Trunk! Incidentally, Private Islands Online is the same company that’s featured on the HGTV show “Island Hunters.”

    So I emailed Private Islands Online and explained their absurd error; the picture of Trunk was quickly removed but I never heard back from them…not even a “thanks for letting us know” or anything. Oh well!

    Here’s the Daily Mail article:

  4. We just got back Wednesday, getting our jeep Saturday and off to Maho we go! Beautiful beach, wonderfully calm water. The rays are cool too. I don’t understand about the false advertising. Perhaps they think we are just stupid and don’t know any better – WRONG!!

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