Happy Old Year- Gratitude for the Year Behind Us

Happy Old Year- Gratitude for the Year Behind Us

Today marks the dawn of the last day of the old year.  The last day of 2021.  The last day before a new horizon line of a bright new year is laid out in front of us.  In Africa, and correspondingly the Caribbean, you might hear a phrase that seems a bit foreign to your ears on our generally stated “New Year’s Eve.”

“Happy Old Year.”

Ponder that for a second…Maybe what we celebrate today is not the bright new year ahead of us, but the challenges, the victories and the bright and shining moments in time from the year in our past.  Maybe we should spend a bit more time reflecting today, and tonight, rather than looking forward in celebration.  There have been losses.  There have been hard ships.  There have been stumbles on this path through 2021.  But, there have also been a lot of really wonderfully beautiful moments as well.

Happy Old Year- Gratitude for the Year Behind Us 1
Gifft Hill School kiddos clean up the beach!

I’ll bet, if you dig deep, you can find 365 things to celebrate from 2021 that will surprise you.  For me personally, I think about the growth  and progress in both my relationship and myself, I think about the way my niece now says my name with excitement when I’m on the phone with her, about how my nephew lights up when we see each other,  I think about cherished moments and new memories created with my family, I think back to days at sea with no land (or wi-fi connection) in sight, I look back at photos from our adventures over this past year.

I’m willing to bet that giving up a little gratitude for the itsy bitsy good times and moments…And, yes, the tough love lessons as a result of hard times…will give you more cause to celebrate than the prospects of what’s next.  We made it through.  It was tough and it was long (right???).  But, here we sit now, looking back on 2021 and turning a new page on the calendar at midnight tonight.

Happy Old Year- Gratitude for the Year Behind Us 2
Enjoy the sunset of 2021 before you race to the dawn of the new year

I’m going to give a quick News of St. John recap of some extra special moments here on St. John over the past year.  Some moments I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to live and to write about.  Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane before I bid a fond farewell to 2021 with you!

This year, we got some traction and forward movement on Caneel Bay…It may be a far shot in the future, but we are seeing some movement with the beloved resort once again!  Cinnamon Bay Resort and Campground is re-opening soon and Concordia just re-opened their doors.  ZoZo’s returned to their rightful home on St. John and the decrepit baseball field near Mongoose Junction will soon have the giggles of children filling the air once again.  The Wharfside complex is coming alive again with the re-opening of the Beach Bar, Joe’s Rum Hut, the new hotel and retail shops  The Cruz Bay/Charlotte Amalie ferry resumed operations and the Red Hook/Cruz Bay ferry is back to pretty normal hours.  None of these things have been “normal” since Irmaria.  And yet, amidst the adversity that COVID has created over the past two years, these things have slowly been put back into their places.

Happy Old Year- Gratitude for the Year Behind Us 3
We have come SO far since 2017!

On the brink of the pandemic, I personally wondered just how many businesses we would lose on St. John as the drawbridge across the moat to the territory was drawn up tight.  In 2019, we had just FINALLY gotten back to normal business and a super busy season.  Only to be stopped short in our tracks by a territory shut down.  Instead, over the past year, the USVI has not only survived, it has thrived.  And has been a forerunner in the re-opening of the Caribbean to visitors.  We have had more business than we know how to handle.  Small businesses, friends’ businesses, did not close, they expanded.

Happy Old Year- Gratitude for the Year Behind Us 4

In 2021, abandoned vehicles have been removed from their, seemingly forever, resting places on the roadsides.  Road crews have begun the slow and daunting process of repairing our roadways.  New street signs have been installed.  The Battery has re-opened.  Storm and wastewater management projects have been started and completed.  Electrical lines are being placed underground as resiliency measures.  WAPA has some new generators.  The infrastructure of St. John is slowly being repaired and upgraded and much of that headway began in 2021 (Thanks Shikima!!!).

Happy Old Year- Gratitude for the Year Behind Us 5

In the Park, native plant restoration projects have been ongoing throughout the year in an attempt to restore some of the growth and shade that was destroyed in 2017.  The playground in town is being funded and construction will soon begin.  The volunteers that clear our trails and cultural areas have been hard at work to keep them beautiful and useable for our residents and visitors.  The turtle nesting was record breaking with hundreds of new baby turtles birthed on our shores.

Happy Old Year- Gratitude for the Year Behind Us 6
Baby turtles making their way home!

For the positives of the COVID front, we can look to the capacity expansions for bars and restaurants, the reemergence of dancing and bar seating.  The kids going back to in-person learning.  Free testing and vaccinations have been offered in abundance throughout the territory.   We were able to have one day of Carnival celebration in July and holiday celebrations with friends and family over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Happy Old Year- Gratitude for the Year Behind Us 7
Carnival looked a bit different this year, but we got one all the same!

Oh, and one more very positive thing to put on the Love City gratitude list for 2021…We did NOT experience a catastrophic natural event.  (Knock on wood 2022, ya hear me?)

We still have a long way to go here on St. John.  I can think of a million areas that still need improvement.  From long term housing to cultural awareness.  From the “new school” being built to expansions of health care.  And yes, Centerline road is still a wreck!  🙂  But, I choose today to look at the progress that we HAVE made.  Instead of what hasn’t been done.

I guess, what I’m pointing out with all of this is that, yes, this year has SUCKED at a lot of points in time.  COVID fatigue is real.  Many people I know have lost loved ones for one reason or another.  Plans have been changed, canceled and then reinstated.  Or lost all together.  Time with those we love has been cut short or canceled.  And there are SO many people on St. John sometimes….I wish we could all just get a little break from it all.

But, all in all, its been a pretty good year.  If you look at the good stuff.  You know it’s in there.  Sometimes you just have to look under a rock or two to find it 🙂

Happy Old Year- Gratitude for the Year Behind Us 8

So, before you go about your festivities this evening.  Make a list.  Maybe a mental list, maybe on paper, maybe on your computer or in your phone.  But, make a list all the same.  Of a few things to be thankful for and smile back on from this year of roller coasters.  Cherish it, give thanks for it and then put it behind you as you move into a new year with new horizons.

I’ll leave you today with a quote that is often stuck in my head from one of my all time favorite Christmas movies….

“If you’re worried and you can’t sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep.  And you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings…” – White Christmas

Happy Old Year to You All.  I wish you good tidings and great joy in the year to come!

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  1. Happy Old and New Year to you too, Hillary! ❤ This blog, filled with wonderful images and updates from Love City, has helped all of us who wished we were there through 2021! Look forward to hear more from you while dreaming……

  2. I love the idea of looking back on a year. So spiritual with a thoughtful way to live life. Being grateful is a happy way to live. St. John is back on track. Have a great 2022!
    Thanks for this article and all of them really, I loved it

  3. I am traveling to St. John’s Friday 1/14/22. I understand that I have to take a Covid test 72 hrs prior to travel. I plan to get the test on Tuesday 1/11/22. Do I have this timed properly? Also I have to send my results to the USVI Portal and get a Certificate from them prior to arrival. How long does it take once I put my info into the portal to receive the Certificate from the USVI to travel there. I am afraid I won’t have enough time.

  4. Hillary,
    I would love to connect with you about living on St. John Island. I am a former golf course contractor and owner / operated of a golf course management company.

    I was hoping to pick your brain on how to pursue an estate management position on the island. I have decades of high end landscape and hard scale propety management experience.

  5. Thank you Hillary for another year of wonderful pictures, interesting stories and updates from Love City! ❤ I constantly wish I was back on St John and your postings are such comfort! A Happy Old and New Year to you too!

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