Happy days are near again?

Islandia The last post …

"The Islandia Blog will be discontinued until further notice.  I am
happy to say our agents are too busy to give it the attention it needs
right now.  A busy Realtor is a happy Realtor!"

This is the wrong thing to do. 

Tens of thousands of businesses across the country are using blogs to get close to customers; to establish and enhance relationships and communication, and to create reputations for themselves. But, on St. John,  someone with a growing online presence, is giving up. 

How soon before another bright Realtor on island starts their own blog?

5 thoughts on “Happy days are near again?”

  1. i’m more than with you on this one, it’s definitely a very bad idea. all of the agents are too busy to spend 10 minutes twice a week to put up a post? and half of their posts were of properties for sale! very hard to believe, which makes me think there may be another reason.
    blogs are incredibly captivating, and blog readers are some of the most loyal and dedicated out of any other source of news/media/information. i think what they were doing was a great idea and i’m sure they got business through it, and will (or would have) in the future.
    frank, i’m glad someone else shares in my confusion.

  2. hmmm…busy going to the beach, maybe…honestly I check out their websites on a regular basis…seems the same houses have been on the market for months…

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