Guess Who’s Open for Business…

Now this is one we’ve all been waiting for. Cruz Bay Landing is finally open for business! I don’t know about all of you, but we’re pretty darn excited about this one. And from what we’ve seen, the place looks great. Check out these pics:

landing open 2

cruz baylanding open 1

2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Open for Business…”

  1. Well that SUCKS for me!!! We just left yesterday Dec. 5th. Already I need a good meal and a cool drink. Oh well, see ya’ whenever.

  2. Love it – we ate there today, “deconstructed” Roti with chicken and sweet potatoes and a philly cheesesteak on a pretzel bun, great ambiance, lots of attention to detail, love the mason jars for drinks, and a really nice little coffee spot for mornings. we will be regulars:) Congrats to the owners – well done!

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