Guess Who’s Bumming Around the Islands Now…

jeter hannah davis
Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis in NYC the day after Jeter retired. Image credit: Pacific Coast News

So we’ve been sitting on this one for a few days, but we’ve decided that the time has come to share a little tidbit with you – Guess who’s been bumming around the islands this week??? DEREK JETER!!!

I grew up about an hour or so outside of New York City, so to say that I am a huge Yankees fan is an understatement. Back in 1996 when he was named Rookie of the Year, I skipped school one day and hopped on the train to NYC just to see him (sorry Papa News of St. John!) And on September 28, I made the trek up to Boston to watch his very last at bat ever. I love, love, love Derek Jeter. Why? Because he’s the classiest guy in sports and a fabulous baseball player.

Image taken at Jeter's last game at Fenway
Image taken at Jeter’s last game at Fenway

So the fact that he is around St. John is beyond exciting to me. And the fact that he just retired after the best career in all of sports and decided to visit our little slice of paradise simply makes me smile.

We don’t want to give away too many details because the man deserves his privacy, but we can tell you that he spent some time in the BVIs over the weekend. We’ve also heard that he’s spent a bit of time on St. John. It makes sense seeing that his current girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis, is originally from St. Thomas. We also know that he’s pretty good friends with a Cruz Bay business owner, so you never know, you just may se him in town.

So if you happen to cross paths with him, maybe just tip your hat if you’re wearing one or simply say thanks. And if you haven’t watched this video yet, check it out. It’s pretty cool … even if you’re a Sox fan 🙂


10 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Bumming Around the Islands Now…”

  1. I went to the old Yankee Stadium, the last year it was in use, to see the stadium and Derek…I was thrilled to be sitting between third and home plate. The Yankees won, Derek played a great game and we left sining “New York, New York” with Frank……what a memory! Thanks Derek for ALL the great memories, over the years.

  2. Well, Well,….. That’s funny.

    At the risk of enraging the Yankee Nation in Cruz Bay, I’ll have to admit I don’t care for the Yankees (sorry Jenn). Mainly due to Steinbrenner. But Jeter is a class act all the way. They were lucky to have him.

  3. i was in st john last week and saw jeet’s having dinner at the restaurant some friends and i were eating at. he refused to take a picture with us by the bathroom, saying “sorry, i promised, no pictures on vacation”…he was a total d-bag. and his smokestack girlfriend was looking pretty beat-up after a day in the sun. thank god for photoshop!

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