Green, green Josephine

In Coral Bay, Josephine Roller harvests her organic garden to provide quality veggies to some of the island’s finest restaurants.  But while "Josephine’s Greens" are proudly credited on menus, she tells the St. John Sun-Times, "We’re still trying."

In other words, hard work like farming doesn’t lead to easy riches.  Working on a farm beginning at 12 years old, in her native Philippines, Roller began understanding that chemicals on lettuce and beans were maybe not such a good idea.  And, she says, organic produce is more tasty. "There are a lot of obstacles in the Virgin Islands," she explained to the newspaper. "The soil is against you. The weather is against you. Land is expensive. It just doesn’t earn money."

Josephine also operates the Coral Bay Garden Center, from which she also manages her landscaping business.  "I like to be working," she said. "It’s my hobby."  Full story.

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