Great Things Happening in Coral Bay!

coral bay harbor view

Well folks, let’s end the week off right! We have great news to share from you from Coral Bay!

Earlier this month, we told you about a very large trash pile that lined the street in Coral Bay. Well guess what? The area has been cleaned up! Check it out:

coral bay cleaned up may 2018

Now let’s drive up the road to the intersection at Centerline Road. The Coral Bay sign is in the process of behind rebuilt, and it looks great!

coral bay sign may 2018

Now let’s take a right and start driving toward the East End. The ball field, which acted as a temporary dump for months, has been cleaned up! And I saw seven donkeys grazing there yesterday! Check it out:

coral bay ballfield coral bay ballfield 2

And lastly, work is happening right next door at the Guy Benjamin school. The school has been closed for some time now, but the structures sustained major damage during last fall’s storms. Well it appears that the buildings will be torn down and temporary structures will be erected on the site. Check out the pics:

coral bay school project sign dumpsters at guy benjamin

How fantastic is all of this news today??!!

That’s all we have for you today, folks! Enjoy your Friday, and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

26 thoughts on “Great Things Happening in Coral Bay!”

  1. Follow the money on this one. In my neck of the woods at home, developers often do one large visible crowd pleasing project in advance of their takeover of City Hall. I’d be concerned that some corporation cleaned it up in exchange for rights to build at Coral Bay. I’m not suggesting this is what happened, but it’s worth finding out who funded the projects. If it’s all legit, then that’s really great news.

    • I’d like to believe that it’s because I arrive in two weeks, am staying in Coral Bay and well, I’m kind of a big deal 🙂

      Honestly, just happy for the folks in Coral Bay. Getting better every day.

      • I heard the reason was 100% due to the arrival of 54b. We want to make sure you are impressed so you can enter negotiations on the smoothie stand with a calm and focused mind. We need you to implement the wait staff plan you suggested in your previous comment ASAP!!

        For all the Veterans out there on this Memorial Day Weekend, I appreciate your service.


  2. This news makes me so happy. One of my favorite things to do in Coral Bay was (and hopefully will be again) is to hang over the edge of the pool in the morning, coffee in hand, and watch the goats and donkeys on the ball field. Glad to know this may be possible again soon.

    • Nancy
      There is regular trash pickup and then there is hurricane trash which is totally different and needed to be address in new ways. Way to go Coral Bay workers!

      • I have been on the island and seen the horrific destruction and everyone had lots of damage and there was a huge, tons of material that was collected from the homes and business that were so wrecked. I am so happy to see that the island and the debris is finally being removed. I can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow as we fly out midnight from Boston tonight to Love City. I do no care how it got cleaned up – and if it was private company and they want to build – guess what they need to rebuild and bring back the tourists.

        Love City – Pam

  3. Hi Jenn,

    Do we know if they test the sites/ground for contaminants once they remove the trash? I’d hate to think that the donkeys/deers that roam these areas for food are being poisoned.

  4. Jenn – when we toured with you in February, we saw the extremely organized process to separate the trash, recyclables, etc. We knew that was one of the first necessary steps to get St. John back on its feet ……. it was just a matter of time. Great news for sure!!!

    Was there anything further to recycle the Sargassum?

    We hope the “belly” is doing fine………… 🙂

    • Nothing happening with the sargassum to my knowledge.

      Belly is doing well! Little Man is getting pretty big and getting ready for his summer debut!

  5. CORAL BAY looks just great. Thanks to all those dedicated people that worked so hard to get all the trash cleaned up, sorted and recycled. I was there during the storms and last month. I hope someone is working on the church. Thanks again for all that has and will be done for Coral Bay and all of St. John

  6. I wonder if some of the gigantic pile of rocks and dirt at Coral Bay were used to fill in the huge potholes on the road to the Lameshur Bays. It sure would make the drive much easier as one would not have to worry about what was below the deep muddy water potholes [sharp pointy rocks etc].

  7. Thank you for posting this Jenn. We stayed in Coral Bay in April and the junk pile and the smell was depressing. I am amazed that the ballfield is cleared. Congratulations to those who did it.

  8. Coral Bay clean-up looks amazing!! Signage too.
    St. John is for sure “ Love City”, and for us Coral Bay is its ‘beating heart’!!
    Thanks, Jenn and very best wishes personally and professionally.
    Your dedicated and fine work has meant SO MUCH to those of us
    St. John “addicts”!!

  9. Is the trash fire on Tortola out? I was there three years ago when there was a similar fire at the Tortola dump and it sent cancerous, toxic fumes to Coral Bay. Trash is bad. Trash on fire- really bad.

  10. We were there the end of April and the piles were growing. Glad to see our favorite place coming back to life. Can’t wait to be there again!

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