Great News for Maho Bay Lovers

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Who doesn’t love Maho Bay? It’s definitely one of my favorites and I’m sure it tops many of your favorites lists as well. Well for those of you who would rather be at Maho than anywhere else in the world, we’ve got some great news for you.

The Trust for Public Land announced this week that Maho Bay has been protected from development. How fantastic is that!

Maho Bay is located on the north side of the island just past Cinnamon Bay. The 225-acre beach and the hillside above are the single largest land addition since Laurence Rockefeller’s generous land donation created the National Park back in 1956.

Gerald Singer, an expert on Caribbean beaches and author of St. John Beach Guide, told the Trust for Public Land, “This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. I’m happy to learn the delicate environmental balance of the lush Maho Bay valley and access to the beautiful beach and the calm, shallow bay with its abundant marine life will remain undisturbed by private development.”

Brion FitzGerald, Superintendent of V.I. National Park, said to the Trust, “This is one of the best beaches on St. John and is a significant piece of the island’s natural and cultural history. It is wonderful that it will be available for park visitors.”

The Trust for Public Land recently sold 74 acres to the National Park Service for $2.5 million, the last of a series of sales beginning in 2009, bringing the total land sold to 225 acres, a release stated. The federal money came from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

I don’t know about you, but this makes me happy. Now let’s take a little trip over to Maho together. Here are a few of my favorite Maho Bay pictures. Feel free to send over some of yours to [email protected]

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10 thoughts on “Great News for Maho Bay Lovers”

  1. Wonderful news! We’ve been coming to St. John almost every winter for about 10 years and have always rented a villa in the Coral Bay area. Maho is one of our favorite beaches. We had to forego our 2013 trip for health reasons but are excited to be heading back in early 2014. How exciting to know that we still be able to spend days at Maho!

  2. We plan on renewing our vows at Maho in 2015. 30 years of bliss, since we have been regulars to the rock since 1982. Great news!

  3. This is wonderful news. Thank you LWCF and Trust for Public Land. This is a priceless possession of the National Park Service and the common people. Nobody can put a price on paradise and the peace it brings to one’s soul.

  4. Fantastic! The Trust For Public Land and the Land and Water Conservation Fund are terrific organizations (private and public) and have been instrumental in preserving thousands of natural wonders. I worked for Colorado State Parks for 30 years and saw wonderful areas protected by these entities. Bravo to them both.

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