The Gravel Lot Will Remain Closed for a Bit; Here are Your Parking Options

Gravel Lot Oct 2019
The gravel lot is temporarily closed and is not expected to reopen until December.

Well folks, here is some “news” you can use today…

The gravel lot is currently closed. But don’t worry, it’s just a temporary thing. The lot was closed this past summer because it is being converted to a paid parking lot. Bummer, I know. (We first told you about the government’s plan to convert this lot to paid parking back in 2016. Click here to read that story.)

This closure takes away roughly 180 free parking spots, although several of those spots were taken by abandoned vehicles, as well as police vehicles. Parking is limited as it is in Cruz Bay, so this isn’t a change that we’re super happy with. But it is what it is. So rather than dwell on it, here are your other parking options in Cruz Bay.

There is a small lot next to the Little Olive food truck, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the tennis courts. That’s a free lot.

The lot beside Little Olive
The lot beside Little Olive

Right around the corner is L&L Jeep Rentals. They offer paid parking at their lot.

L&L's lot
L&L’s lot

Down the street a tad and across the street is a newer parking lot behind the old First Bank. This lot is next to Tap & Still and across the street from Woody’s. It is currently closed, although we expect it to reopen later this year when the island gets busier.

Currently closed, but will reopen later this year
Currently closed, but will reopen later this year

Right around the corner from that, across from Wharfside Village, is Slim’s parking lot. Wharfside also offers paid parking. (And sorry, but we do not know anything about the progress at Joe’s Rum Hut.)


There are a few free spaces by the custom’s building, which is currently being rebuilt. There are also a few spaces along the waterfront near the taxi area beside the ferry dock.

There are two free lots near the National Park Visitor’s Center. One is right in front of it, and the second is across the street.

Free parking in front of the Visitor's Center
Free parking in front of the Visitor’s Center
Free parking across the street from the Visitor's Center
Free parking across the street from the Visitor’s Center

Lastly, there is a very large paid parking lot in the space where the Lumberyard used to be. (Sorry we forgot to grab a photo of this lot when we were out and about Wednesday.)

Lumberyard pakring - file photo
Lumberyard parking – file photo

Several businesses in town offer parking. The Lime Inn complex is one and Mongoose Junction is another popular spot. You can park behind the National Park Visitor’s Center, but only if you are hiking the Lind Point Trail and receive a pass from the Visitor’s Center. There is also a small stretch along the road that leads behind the Visitor’s Center. That’s free parking too.

There you have it… “News” you can use!


4 thoughts on “The Gravel Lot Will Remain Closed for a Bit; Here are Your Parking Options”

  1. Morning, I am glad to see it become paid parking as long as the price is reasonable. Over the years it turned into a junk yard of abandoned cars with the homeless living in them. It is time to clean it up.

    • you can still clean something up without making it paid. It just takes monitoring. Make the money from towing a vehicle that overstays their daily welcome. The lot should be empty from midnight to 6am.

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