Grande opening for Grande Bay

GrandebayCalling itself Grande Bay Resort, the condominium project bordering Cruz Bay harbor announced it's formally open-for-business on Sept. 1.

In a news release, the resort said it is 
"Nestled in the Cruz bay Quarter … near everything to see and do on the island."

In a bit of a competitive shot, Grande Bay said it will provide "a distinct departure from the Caneel Bay Resort or Westin Resort St. John and we are sure once you stay with us, we'll be your new St. John Virgin island retreat."

The rate schedule shows a winter season rate  of $475/night for a one bedroom, or $3,325/week.  The two bedroom rate is $650/night, $4,550/week.  Cleaning charges are also added on, beginning at $100 for a one bedroom unit.

23 thoughts on “Grande opening for Grande Bay”

  1. Wow…starting to look alot like St. Thomas! The beautiful photo of the bay from the vista view on North Shore Road will never be the same again!

  2. Sure doesn’t sound like a deal to me. Like many rental villas on St. Johh, our two bedroom villa, Bayview, rents for less than Grande Bay and provides deep privacy, including a pool, a large patio overlooking Francis Bay and a front patio overlooking Coral Bay.

  3. An ugly eye sore on the approach to the once beautiful Cruz Bay shoreline… now all you see is a stone jungle. I would never stay there.

  4. Please understand that many of the actual owners have been coming to StJohn for years and love the island and are good neighbors who rreally want little or nothing to do with the developer. We are renting our units for CONSIDERABBLY less on vrbo.com.

  5. About the comment on Cleveland, you obviously have never stayed at the Ritz in Cleveland, or the Marriott Key Center, or the truly grand hotel The Renaissance at Tower City Center overlooking Public Square and the list goes on and on. I realize it was just a joke, but had to let people know Cleveland is actually a very fun place to stay with a lot to do within walking distance of some of the big hotels. The view from The Renaissance of the lake isn’t the same as the north shore of St. John, but I don’t expect that of course. But, I’ve enjoyed seeing the tall ships coming into Cleveland while sitting at a restaurant on the waterfront. Take a look at this: http://www.clevelandtallships.com/

  6. Not sure I get why people are STILL whining about Grande Bay. I am a GB owner and we are trying to make the best of things – no need to rehash the whole saga. Anyway, I’m not sure that the villa owners should view GB as a threat – they are different markets. If potential renters want the privacy and the additional room, then they get a villa. But not everyone wants that, particularly the smaller parties of 3 or 4. And some people just like being in town – it’s a very different experience. To be sure, things are still evolving with the rentals at GBR. But as of right now potential vacationers might be able to get a better deal on VRBO than from the developer units.

  7. I agree with you Barbara. I’ve stayed at villas, the Westin, Estate Lindholm and will be staying at Grande Bay next year for part of my visit. We like different experiences and very much like the idea of being within walking distance to dining, shopping and even Salomon/Honeymoon beaches (within 30 minutes). I won’t be renting a vehicle while at Grande Bay and will use taxis to get to the north shore when needed (only 2 of us). Grande Bay will actually benefit the taxi industry there and may help decrease parking problems in Cruz Bay since many renters won’t need or want a rental vehicle (which is overbooked at certain times of the year anyhow). I’ve heard nothing but praise from those who’ve recently stayed at Grande Bay. When I want an uninhabited island to venture on I head to the South Pacific.

  8. Another St.John Joke.Overpriced Hotel Room……… Mr.Roberts,We Stayed At BAYVIEW Many Times.Why Would You Want Anything Else.Barbara BIG Mistake Buying That Mess.Duane.Cleveand is a S**T Hole.Rent a nice Villa And Enjoy St. John !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. GB is a mess and the charm of Cruz Bay ia lost because of it. How awful- and you buyers -well I think your part of the problem and why this paradise is being ruined

  10. Well, I guess I am part of the problem too. My husband and I are in the process of buying a unit and we are very much looking forward to owning a piece of the island we love so much. In addition to being annual visitors and future owners, we always support the island through donations to the ACC, school supplies for the local children, by being Friends of the National Park and any other way we are able. We think Grande Bay will provide visitors with a new place to stay that is right in the heart of the island. I guess I will be sure to stock my bathroom cabinets with Preparation H as I get ready for ownership ;)!

  11. Ok,, I have lived here for a year and a half… you cannot beat the location for going to “Town”… it has a great pool,, a hot tub with Jets that actually do something.. a very nice work out area.. and a team running the place that take care of issues as needed,, not in “Island time” but right away.
    I have not in the last year been without water for more than about an hour, (once) nor have I been without power.. the security is very good,,, the cleanliness of it is as good as any one could reasonable y expect, there are no “pest” problems.. and the view is amazing.
    I wish I could own the unit I am renting, but now is not the time.. when the time comes, I would be more than happy to own a unit here….
    Me thinks there is a bit of jealousy by those bitching about Grand Bay….. Thank you, Elita, Paul, Kim, Joe, Marvin and the rest that make living her nice,, and that will make any visitor very happy to be here on St. John…

  12. Hey Mark.I Live On Island.Jealousy,Come on. Jet’s That Actually Work,That’s What You like About St.John.Keep All You NITWIT’S Together.Ria..RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!

  13. GUNBO, it’s okay. I understand your passion about this subject. I’ve enjoyed St. John and hope certain residents don’t become as hostile as some of the comments I’ve read here. I guess I’m the type that finds good qualities about things and enjoys different experiences. I can honestly say, my wife and I have never had a bad vacation anywhere we’ve gone in our 20 years of marriage. When you’ve been to third world countries (not for vacation but to help) and seen what people live in, it makes one humbly grateful to have a place like St. John to visit.

  14. If you loved the island you wouldn’t have anything to do with Grande Bay. It is a blight on the island that destroyed a little bit of the paradise you claim to love.

  15. First, Grande Bay has been open for all of 2010, and happily, the independent owners have rented to many tourist guests who love it. These tourists have also produced MUCH business for the merchants in Cruz Bay. Grande Bay is great for many seeking the solace St. John offers, and thankfully, occupancy and satisfaction has been strong. With Grande Bay continuing to attract tourists to the island, we are supporting the islands “lifeblood”, and that is tourism.
    So, lets learn to get along, and keep St. John vibrant. One thing we can agree on, is there is NOT an abundance of business for all of you who have put your life into small businesses in and around Cruz Bay, and Grande Bay’s occupancy is helpful for all in that regard.

  16. It is easy to stay in a walk to town location without supporting the GB eyesore. What about Lavender Hill, Battery Hill and Gallows? They all offer island ambiance, beautiful views, lovely accomodations and blend into the St. John landscape. I think GB has ruined the Cruz Bay shoreline and would never support it.

  17. The reason why zoning law exists, it is to protect the property rights of individuals and the community from a public nuisance. Once a zoning law is broken, property rights are taken away and a public nuisance is created. The surrounding neighbors of Grand Bay have not only lost their property rights but property value as well due to the greed of the developer. My fight with Bay Isles started over five years ago when the developer wanted to rezone their W-1 parcel to R-4.
    Our case will go to trial next spring or early summer. Besides zoning violations, last month, I discovered building violations as well.

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