Grande Bay units come with Jeep


Besides fractional ownership of a unit at the Grande Bay Resort, and access to a power boat, owners now have a Jeep option.  The developers created the Jeep Club, giving folks a convenient way to get out of town and expelore the island, the beaches, and the hiking trails.  John Alvarado, Grande Bay’s director of sales, says 95% of owners opt for the Jeep Club.

"Our Members experience the pleasure and freedom of driving their own Jeep on the island of St. John,” he said, “while we take care of the inconveniences of vehicle maintenance and storage.’

3 thoughts on “Grande Bay units come with Jeep”

  1. How wonderful! (JK!!!)
    NOTHING Grande Bay could add to the package would entice me!
    Grande Bay is an embarrassing monstrosity for STJ.
    When I take pictures of Cruz Bay, I edit Grande Bay out as it is such an eye sore!
    Loved Cruz Bay the way it used to be!!

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