Grand trouble at Grande Bay

The Virgin islands Daily News reported that would-be buyers of condos at Grande Bay began arguing in V.I. Superior Court why they shouldn’t be forced to close on the purchases.  Dozens of would-be buyers say the units are not safe and that promised amenities are not in place.

Most troubling: One of the buyers, DC attorney Thomas Hill III, testified he’s been told by agents of the developer that the project is "potentially on the verge of foreclosure."

Here’s the Daily News story
: http://www.virginislandsdailynews.com/index.pl/article_home?id=17620036.

Does Cruz Bay face the possibility of an unfinished project smack in the face of arriving visitors?  Not to mention the looming Sirenusa.

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  1. The whole complex should be removed as it spoiled the whole look and feel of Cruz bay. I just wonder how many bribes it took to get the permits to build it?

  2. YES, of course it does. Tourist yes, but also more important it is smack in the face of all St. Johnians who have to live with this blight of developments gone wrong. Thanks to some local officials who did not listen to the local people who elected them to office!!

  3. What a fiasco and that is putting it lightly, if this project goes into foreclosure. Not closing is one thing, but serious question, I wonder what happens to the cash down payments???? Gonna be a lot of PO’d folks when they see their assets depleted.
    Just thought of something. I understand some of these were turned during construction. Wowie, this is bad.

  4. One word- UGLY.
    My wife and I came to STJ on our honeymoon right when Grande Bay was starting and I thought “Oh, it won’t be that bad.” Now look at it- a monstrosity.
    Let’s all go together and buy it from the developers, take off the top few floors and do it the right way with a pool, bar and everything people actually WANT.

  5. These monstrous developments looming over Cruz Bay prove that arrogance and greed won’t get you very far.
    Almost five years ago, the developers of Grand Bay told me the reason why projects of this size were never built on St. John, is because no one on the island knew what they were doing, until they came along.
    My day in court – soon come.

  6. I speak on behalf of every real estate agent on the island: Tear off the top two stories of this illegal montrosity. The same type of fuss should be made over Sirenuisance and Bordeaux Heights, which is the next calamity in the waiting.

  7. To St. John real estate agent, please don’t put words into my mouth. Obviously with Grande Bay being sold out pre-construction in 2003 those price points filled a niche in our market. Please don’t fault other developers/ builders for the mistakes of one. Now to answer the question Frank addressed, yes Cruz Bay may face the possibility of an unfinished project smack in the face of arriving visitors, especially if Grande Bay is forced to tear of the top two stories, which is the last thing we need for our tourism driven island. Lets work to improve the problem not make it worse.

  8. Another Real Estate Agent – Tourism should not be put above the law. A developer, real estate agent or broker should not be allowed to reap profits off an illegal structure. There are so many details of this case that cannot be divulged at the moment, which is unfortunate for the public.
    The way to improve this situation is to make everyone obey and respect the law. It’s so simple.

  9. When I come back from STT on the ferry I try to pretend I don’t see Grande Bay or Sirenusa. I just look a way. They both look to awful for mere words. I have heard many negative comments from tourists, and a couple of them have asked me “how ‘this’ happened?” I don’t have an easy answer (tourist friendly response).

  10. So Sad! I remember those classic St. John-style houses that used to sit on that property. We stopped staying at Gallows Point because we had to walk by that monstrosity and it was too much of a reminder of the changes taking place on the island. Unfortunatly, if the place is abandoned, it could sit there deteriorating for years waiting for the tropics to reclaim it. What a shame! I hope the people whose pockets were lined to get these projects approved are cringing.

  11. Let this be a warning. When Maho Bay’s lease is up and they allow “limited developement” PLEASE don’t let this happen. The reason we come to St. John is beacause you didn’t have all this developemnt in the first place. I feel sorry for the home owners behind this complex. I shake my head when I come into Cruz Bay. How dissapointed We were to see this happen.

  12. Although I hate Grande Bay Resort condos, and laugh at it everytime I walk by, the people filing a suit based on obstruction of view should visit their villa more often; that place has been under construction for soooo long that you’d have to be blind to not know your view was going to be obstructed. And threatening to include anyone that closes on a top floor unit in your suit … come on, that holds ZERO water. Someone needs to interview the people filing the lawsuit and find out why they waited so long (too long).

  13. Mike, I’m one of the owners suing. We are not suing for loss of view. I would be happy to send you our complaint so you can get the facts straight. We are suing for privacy nuisance due to zoning code violations. I requested to see the plans from DPNR from August ’04 – Sept. ’05 and each time was given an excuse as to why they are not available. (tried unsuccessfully 4-5 times) I was told by the builders in Feb. ’03, April ’03 and their architect is on record at a DPNR hearing in May ’05, the building would stop below the deck and our views would not be blocked. I was told by many that since permits were issued there’s nothing we can do. Since the Judge didn’t dismiss the case two years, it’s obvious there’s something we can do.
    Finally, last summer we amended our complaint to include a constructive trust and unjust enrichment. The constructive trust allowed us to file a Lis Pendens on the top two stories of the back buildings.
    Need more details to the case……..

  14. This whole nightmare thing is about to happen to Bordeaux Mountain. The same architect, Michael Milne, is getting approval to do a grand-bay sirenusa style development on 5 acres in the mountain. it looks like that is going to happen… developers win…the island loses…

  15. The Bordeaux proposal worries me a lot more. Grande Bay is going to be finished eventually – yes its butt ugly but we’ll probably get used to it (most of us anyway – sorry Liza), and maybe when the landscaping is in it’ll even look OK. The good thing about it (I’m an optimist) is that it’s right in town, and isn’t it better to have 48 dwelling units on 2 acres than spread out over 20+ acres on some pristine hillside? I personally think Peter Bay is much uglier than Grande Bay – I avert my eyes from it when I’m at Cinnamon – maybe because I remember what used to(not)be there, way back when (anyone remember The Kite – wasn’t it right there?) Anyway, at least the Grande Bay residents/guests will be able to walk into the restaurants and bars in town (which will mean that many fewer cars to park). But the thought of Coral Bay being ruined is really hard to take. I guess it’s kind of inevitable if the marina happens out there. Hopefully the CBCC and other stakeholders, and if St John ever gets a planner, they can try to confine growth to “downtown,” instead of despoiling Bordeaux’s hillsides.

  16. My wife and I found the beauty and sirenity fo St.John about 7 years ago. We thought we had found a little piece of heaven.We came 5 years in a row and have not come back the last 2 years.This was about the time the Grande Bay project started. The FINAL straw came when they started the SIRENUSA project. YOUR GOVERNMENT is at fault for ALL of this.I live in LOUISIANA and know exactly what lining the pockets of politicians can do. The answer is ANYTHING THEY WANT TO DO. Your beautiful island is going to be ruined by your own people getting away with this.I am sorry to say but it may be to late already.


  18. Can we all say “eyesore”? Out of scale and devoid of taste. I’d like to think that landscaping would improve the look, but where would any landscaping go?—the project sits practically on the road.

  19. well well…i just finished reading all of the blogs and i’m depressed about the whole thing. my husband and i wanted to purchase a new condo that had a view, was new and safe,and worth our investment. we have been looking for awhile and i sooo see both sides of the story on this issue. we are honest land developers and often times in any industy things go wrong. i guess the issue is now what is to be done with the development to salvage it and the folks money that has been invested. they are still marketing it as if everything is fine.

  20. Hi Liza!
    My family and I are looking for a “get-a-way” in mid March. I was refered to the Grand Bay…but after reading all the comments, I’m really not sure it’s a place for us…
    Could you recommend somewhere nice for my husband, 3 children and me to stay at for our visit?

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