Governor’s Updates for the Holiday Weekend

Governor’s Updates for the Holiday Weekend

Good Evening everyone!

Governor Bryan updated the territory this afternoon on some restrictions and regulations in regards to bars, beaches and the Emancipation & Independence Day holiday weekend.

COVID-19 active cases in the territory are currently at 11 with 39 cases pending with a total of 92 positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

The 3rd and 4th of July are traditionally huge reasons for celebration in the Virgin Islands.  On St. John, we would typically be getting ready for the end of our Carnival and celebration of the Emancipation.

Governor Bryan and his administration have decided that, due to uptick of COVID-19 cases in the territory, some restrictions should be put in place in regards to regulate social gatherings over this holiday weekend.

  • All beaches in the territory will be closed at 4pm July 3-5
    • Beaches are open for your enjoyment over the weekend, but must be VACATED by 4pm each day.
  • Beginning this evening, bars and all establishments will not be permitted to sell alcohol between 11PM and 6AM daily and until further notice.
    • Bars are required to give last call at 11PM and close by midnight
    • This includes restaurants, bars, grocery stores, etc.  The sale of alcohol at ANY establishment is prohibited between these hours.

He also wanted to remind everyone to go out and enjoy the holiday but keep the following in mind:

  • Social Distancing guidelines should be followed at all times.
  • Mask wearing is required by the VI Government in any commercial establishments and strongly recommended in all public spaces.

Governor Bryan closed in saying that he wants residents and visitors alike to “have something to look forward to, but do it responsibly.”

(UPDATE:  The Governor issues a press release clarifying that there is NOT yet a policy regarding testing from select states)

The Governor also stated that the VI will soon be requiring negative COVID test results for travelers arriving from select states.  The tests will be required of visitors arriving from states with a spike in COVID cases and will need to be dated within 72 hours of arrival in the territory.  He said they are working on that list of states but that Texas and Florida would definitely be on it.  It is unclear as to whether or not this will include layovers in those states.  Visitors arriving without test results will be given the option of testing and quarantining upon arrival in the territory.

I hope that you all get out and enjoy the sunshine this weekend!  Happy Emancipation Day and Independence Day!

3 thoughts on “Governor’s Updates for the Holiday Weekend”

  1. It will be very difficult to get a test 72 hours before arriving. Most doctors/hospitals, etc. will only administer a test if you show symptoms. Also, I live in California, a hot spot, but I live in a county that has only had 43 cases since March with no deaths. Some counties have just not been affected as hard as others. I am a homeowner and plan on quarantining but my flight has a 2 hour layover in Miami. With masks required on airplanes and in airports that should not be an issue. I am taking all the precautions necessary but am I still going to need a test? I leave on Monday so it would be virtually impossible to get tested and get results. Also, a negative test today does not mean you are not infected tomorrow. I absolutely understand the precautions and the reasons behind them but I have seen the pictures and comments on FB showing tourists with no masks – tougher reinforcement of that requirement might need to be happening?

  2. Is the Gov thinking? How do I obtain a test within 72 hours of arrival when getting the results takes just as long? So test me at airport? How long will that take, in island time hours? The spike in cases provides for good drama, but Hospitalizations is the metric for this bug with a 99% survival rate. Just mandate masks already. How can one plan a vacation when the rules keep changing.

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