Governor names new Administrator

Leona Smith has been named St. John Island Administrator by Gov. John DeJongh Jr.  Her experience includes running the St. John Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs office and overseeing the St. John July 4th Celebration Committee. 

Smith told the Virgin Islands Daily News, "I’ve dealt with many complaints and getting them solved.  Before that, I worked with the Legislature dealing with constituent complaints. That’s what the administrator does – try to solve the complaints of the people."

In a statement from the Governor’s office,
Smith added,  “With my organizational skills and the proficient manner
in which I have executed projects … I expect to make an outstanding
contribution to this administration as the go-to person on St. John.”

Smith said she will work with a planner to manage St. John’s growth, a
hot topic on island during the campaign for Governor.  She also said
government records will be available at the Battery, via computer, so
people don’t have to spend hours going to St. Thomas when they need
documents, such as a tax clearance letter.

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