Governor vows ferry fare action

The Governor has heard your complaints about the Public Service Commission's decision to increase the cost of riding the Red Hook ferry. 

At Wednesday night's Town Meeting, the St. John Source's Lynda Lohr reported John deJongh said, "We are going to look into the feasibility of getting the rates lower."  He cautioned, however, that getting anything done by May 1st, the effective date of the new $7 ferry fare rate, is unlikely. (Island time, don't 'cha know.)

Understandably, the fare increase will hit locals very hard, especially those who work on St. Thomas.  Visitors to the island also made their complaints loud and long on this Web site.  One said staying on St. Thomas makes more economic sense now, while others, traveling with families, totaled up the higher costs of several people and their bags and said they'll take St. John off their itineraries.

I'd guess the Governor will come up with a compromise.  The PSC's new fare hikes will stand, but locals will qualify for a discount, as senior citizens do now.  I would not expect any step back on the $1 increase in the luggage fee to $3/bag.

Read the Source story at http://www.onepaper.com/stjohnvi/?v=d&i=&s=News:Local&p=1223617225

4 thoughts on “Governor vows ferry fare action”

  1. Given that most of the visitors to STJ pay $1000-5000 a week to rent a villa or stay at the Westin,are they really that cheap that what amounts to a few additional dollars for ferry fees and baggage they will no longer travel to STJ?

  2. I think the price increase will effect day travelers more. Also, those of us who stay on St John usually travel to St Thomas for the shopping and busier lifestyle and then come “home” to a quieter villa is St John. If going to St Thomas for the day is going to get more expensive people may just choose to stay on St Thomas. I just think people are upset because no matter where to stay most visitors like to utilize the services of both islands. It more of the prinicipal than the cost.

  3. I agree with Gary – what is $7 per person per ferry trip in the ~$5K average cost of a St. John trip? Especially when you are going to be in paradise at the end of that $7 trip?

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