Governor offers design for new quarter

Quarter_winner_3The people have spoken and Gov. John deJongh says this is the design for a Virgin Islands Commemorative Quarter that the people want.

The "V.I. Beauty" includes the Territory’s three islands, the official bird (Yellow Breast aka Banana Quit), the official flower (Yellow Cedar aka yellow Elder), a beach, and a Tyre Palm, which is native to the islands.  "The design represents the overall natural wonder and beauty of the islands," the Governor said in a statement.

The "Beauty" drew 6,882 votes in its favor during the three weeks of online and paper balloting, according to the Governor.  Two other entries, "First in Freedom" and "Three Queens" drew 4,553 and 1,887 votes.

DeJongh’s recommendation is being forwarded to the United States Mint. The final decision on the design will be made by Henry Paulson, the secretary of the Treasury.

2 thoughts on “Governor offers design for new quarter”

  1. It’s a beautiful design! I took the time to vote and glad I did. At least with that “election” we actually had some very good choices to choose from.

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