Governor: Multiple tax bills coming

State-of-the-Territory-2010 The VI government is losing $25 million a month and long-delayed property tax revenues can't come soon enough.

So said Gov. John deJongh in his State of the (bankrupt?) Territory last night.  he said the $800,000 a day operating deficit is due to the "global economic crisis" and that "our tax revenues fell by 30%."

Nonetheless, the Governor said proudly, and to great applause during his speech in the Legislature Building, "Nearly every state in the country has enacted lay-offs, cut salaries or closed schools, recreational centers or senior citizen homes. I am proud to say that, to date, we have done none of these things."

The Inquiring Iguana can only nod and smile knowingly.  "It's the islands," he thinks.

DeJongh said he is confident that "The judicial branch and the District Court has to come to an agreement soon" over the standstill on property tax collections. "Because, really, it's through taxes that the government operates." And when that day comes, be prepared.

"Several years of property taxes remain unpaid," deJongh reminded listeners. "Everyone knows that they will be due sooner or later."

The St. John Source said the audience's reaction to the Governor's speech was loud, enthusiastic and positive.  sen. Craig Barshinger, the At Large Senator, and a St. John resident, was very pleased at word a Planner has been hired for his island.  he said he is hopeful plans will go forward for a much-discussed parking garage for 300 vehicles in addition to the 150 spaces expected to be opened around the Enighed commercial port.

2 thoughts on “Governor: Multiple tax bills coming”

  1. I don’t live on St. John, but I can tell you the powers view it as a cash cow, waiting to be milked. The Gov was asked point blank a year ago (by me) how he intended to spread the misery of (then) 4 years (now 5) tax bills and if there was any plan to spread out the liability. No response. So your taxes are getting jacked WAY high and 5 years bills all at once. All they had to do was send out bills at the 1998 valuation per Tom Moore’s order. But no, they want the valuation increase, even though that is COMPLETELY gone now. At least in reality, but not in the mind of the assessor. Brace thyselves, St. Johnians. The Tax Man Cometh. Once again the VI Government will fight taxpayers with taxpayer money.

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