Governor critical of St. John Senator

Gov. John deJongh singled out Craig Barshinger, the VI Senate's At Large Senator, for his failure to support the Governor's bill to allow the Territory to borrow as much as $250 million.

After a narrow vote to approving the borrowing, the Governor made a statement saying "The names of those who cast no votes should also be remembered.  (They) should be called upon to say what they would vote for, because from them we received no proposals, no suggestions and no offered amendments.

Earlier, the Governor had characterized opponents of the new loan saying, "A 'no' vote is nothing less than a vote to send our government workers home, curtail government services and close facilities."

The loan will be used to fund the government's operations for the balance of the fiscal year with … no layoffs, no cutbacks, no reduction in paid government holidays, and so on.

3 thoughts on “Governor critical of St. John Senator”

  1. Let’s see…. We have 100,000 residents with a $1.1 billion loan adding another $1/4 billion to the debt and no cut backs???? The low BBB rating is adding to the carrying costs and another $250,000,000 loan will only make it worse. All the government cares about is the government itself. What about the rest of us that have had to cut back. Now we have increased interest payments so the government can keep their lifestyle intact while we do without.
    Seems Craig is the only responsible senator.

  2. How about cutting back on Government nepotism, no-bid contracts, paying people for doing nothing, legislative “summer research” grants to friends and relatives, free “use anytime” SUV’s (replete with gas), and all the other sweetheart deals government employees have come to expect? The Governor wants to continue the insanity that will eventually come down around his ears. Are they planning a Federal Bailout for the Virgin Islands (yet another)??

  3. It takes courage to stand up against the grain of VI government spending, and I applaud Senator Barshinger, and the past two comments here. I’m told the VI employs 28 percent of its people in government offices. What’s wrong with this picture? Borrowing is not the answer and the spending and frivilous perks should be cut back to reflect economic times. There is a feeling of immunity to the recession among many VI govt workers and decisionmakers.

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