Governor buttons up No Smoking law

They can't put you in jail anymore for smoking inside a St. John store or restaurant.  Thanks to the Governor's signing legislation at year's end, violating the VI Smoke Free Act is now a civil violation, not a misdemeanor.

The revised bill also makes it more clear what is and what is not a non smoking area. 

If a building has a roof and more than two walls and no opening to allow air in from the outside, no smoking.  Looks to the Inquiring Iguana like the Lime Inn, for instance, could allow smoking if it wanted … roof, two walls, and a big opening to the outside.  Not likely that Chris or Rich would want that, though.

If there are less than two walls, like Sun Dog Cafe, lighting up would be OK under the law, if the owners say OK. 

Again, the Iguana thinks that's not gonna happen. 

But the Governor's changes to the law, at least make it unlikely you'll get a ticket for smoking on the ferry or in the park.

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