Governor Bryan’s COVID-19 Updates – July 6, 2020

Governor Bryan’s COVID-19 Updates – July 6, 2020

Good Afternoon everyone- Happy Monday to you!  I hope all of you had a lovely holiday weekend!

Here is the latest COVID-19 information for both St. John and the territory as a whole.

Cases for St. John (As of July 5):

  • Zero Active
  • 133 Tested
  • 128 Negative
  • 4 Positive
  • 1 Pending

Governor Bryan's COVID-19 Updates - July 6, 2020 1

This afternoon, our governor announced the following:

Cases for the Territory:

  • 27 Active
  • 3283 Tested
  • 3118 Negative
  • 112 Positive
  • 56 Pending
  • 1 Waiting to be Tested


  • Beaches:  On Thursday, Governor Bryan announced that he would be closing the beaches territory wide at 4pm daily throughout the holiday weekend in an effort to discourage large gatherings.  As of today, beaches are open as usual without a set closing time.  Enjoy the sun, the sand and your family while keeping social distancing guidelines in mind!
  • Bars:  Bars and other venues that sell alcohol will continue to operate under restricted hours.  All alcohol sales in the territory will continue to cease from 11PM-6AM daily.  Bars will be required to do last call at 11PM and be closed by midnight for the foreseeable future.
  • Limetree Refinery on St. Croix:  In an emergency meeting this weekend and due to the spike in cases surrounding the facility, it was decided that there would be a temporary restriction on contractors flying into the territory.   This decision goes into effect today.
  • Travel Restrictions for residents of “Hot Zone States” – Effective Wednesday July 8 (This is what is on the screen in the image, but the governor later said that it would go into effect on Monday, July 13 in order to give people time to get tests arranged.)
    • Currently the VI government is listing Arizona, Florida and Texas in this category.
    • These additional regulations are based on ORIGIN of travel and residency of the visitor….Not the origin of the arriving flight.  (IE, if you are from Georgia and have a layover in Florida, these regulations do not currently apply to you).
    • All visitors arriving from these “Hot Zones” will be required to do one of the following:
      • Provide a NEGATIVE PCR test upon arrival that is dated within 72 hours of departure.
      • Provide a POSITIVE antibody test upon arrival in the territory.
      • Enter a mandatory 14 day quarantine immediately upon arrival.  (See private transportation recommendations here!)
    • These restrictions are effective for at least two weeks and restrictions could increase or decrease depending on how things progress.  The Governor and his staff are monitoring cases in the states and are diligent about staying ahead of what is happening there in order to protect our visitors and our community and “prevent an infection rate from overwhelming our hospitals.

Governor Bryan will issue another update on Thursday.


8 thoughts on “Governor Bryan’s COVID-19 Updates – July 6, 2020”

  1. Hope they make the actual official date clear shortly. I am caught in the middle here. Not enough time to get test results before I am scheduled to leave.

  2. It’s nearly impossible to get a test if you don’t have symptoms and if you are able to get one it takes at least 7 days for results. Will testing be offered upon arrival?

  3. Again, not enough time to get a 72 hour COVID test before flights so forced to cancel our trip once again. We are not positive because we have quarantined for months, but proving it by a 72 hour test is impossible.

  4. We are arriving next Friday and scrambling to figure out testing. Could anyone answer these questions? Thank you so much!
    1) Are you allowed to use rapid test results or only PCR?
    2) Are you allowed to have the test results within the 72 hours or does The test have to be administered within that time frame?
    All of our PCR testing takes 5-7 days for results.
    3) Are you allowed to use LabCorp mail in test or does your test have be given in person.

  5. There is no way to secure a test and get the results back with 72 hours. In most cases it is 5 days. Can I arrive and stay at my rental for the week? Is testing done there?

  6. Ruining our economy for a yearly virus that killed .0004 of the US population and 0% of the St. John population. Brilliant.

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