Government to spread Net access to St. John


Soon come, maybe.

The Virgin Islands have scored a quartet of federal grants, totaling $67.1 million, which offer the promise of low-cost Internet access throughout St. John and the other islands.

The money will be used to establish and upgrade 40 public computer centers, offer Net access to at least 700 new computer workstations, and several hundred workstations as part of a telework program for people to develop work-at-home businesses and jobs.

The bulk of the federal grants will go to designing and building a fiber optic network to provide what the Governor characterized as 'affordable broadband service' on the three islands.  Rep. Donna Christensen, who announced the grants, said, "The project will construct a 244-mile fiber network and utilize over 3,000 miles of existing fiber to offer speeds between 10 Mbps and 10 Gbps to anchor institutions and local Internet service providers."

Let's hope this happens.

  • Christensen news releases: here and here.

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