Governor on taxes, real estate, Park

Gov_header_newsGov. John P. deJongh, Jr. delivered his second State of the Territory Address Tuesday night.

We read the speech, looking for St. John references, so you don’t have to.

  • Mistakes made in development
    "On St. John
    we have allowed certain development to proceed that can be viewed as
    nothing short of questionable and threatening to the environment, and
    therefore more in the interest of special interests than the overall
  • Another promise to hire a Planner
    "On St. John, we have funded the principal planner position and are again advertising the position. We have met with the Urban Land Institute so that they can assist us in jump-starting the planning process once the St. John planner is on-board. The island of St. John offers a unique experience to both visitors and locals. It is now time for us to tap this potential as a positive and to toss away the restrictions that have blinded us to the possibilities."
  • The Park is a friend
    "The land ownership of the National Park must be taken for the positive role that it plays and the reality that it represents to our economy. The National Park must be seen to be, and must as act as, a part of this community."
  • Property Taxes
    "As to taxes, it is time to talk bluntly about real property taxes. I have sent you a bill which awaits final action. We are all aware that the increase in property values across the Territory, and especially on St. John, created a problem that had to be addressed. This is why my proposal went to great lengths to mitigate the impact of the new property valuations on the vast majority of our home and property owners. The Legislature has passed a budget that included the revenues that were to be generated by real property taxes, well aware that real property tax reform was a precondition, a required first step. It is now time to take that step."
  • Farming in Coral Bay
    "We also
    identified and secured acreage in Coral Bay, St. John to lease to
    residents interested in crop production––a first time opportunity for
    St. John residents. We were also successful in getting federal
    legislation amended that will allow for us to apply for funds to which
    we have historically been denied access."

  • New school
    "We are also moving
    ahead with the new school for St. John, and are working with the
    Delegate and our congressional allies to gain the cooperation of the
    National Park Service in providing the land that is necessary."

Read the full text of the speech: http://www.governordejongh.com/features/2008/address/remarks.html

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  1. Mistake made in development, questionable and threatening – with regards to Sirenusa and Grand Bay Condos that is a huge UNDERSTATEMENT!

    • This is Howard Branscom. We worked together at CEC and I rented your cottage on St.Johns around 1995. I am so sorry for the loss of the view due to the eyesore condominiums that were built in front of your place. My condolences to you and the Jadan estate.
      safeharbour at yahoo dot com

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