news palm treeYou have to admit, yesterday’s story was pretty funny. We wanted to do something to make you all laugh and we knew John Brandi would be game, so we concocted this silly story to trick all of you. Once Captain John got Winsome involved at the Soggy Dollar, we knew it was going to be great!

So we have to ask – How many of you believed us at least for a second?? Let us know below.

8 thoughts on “Gotcha!”

  1. I didn’t believe it – but then again, I didn’t believe anything I read on FB yesterday! It was great though! The best attempt I saw!

  2. I was standing down at the ferry dock Saturday morning with $50 in my hand but no boat. What the?!

    Actually this is the first time this week I’ve had time to read NOSJ. But that was a pretty good one!

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