Gorgeous St. John weekend

Locals and visitors enjoyed a warm and sunny weekend the way they should. They went to the beach.

Alekxlight headed for Cinnamon Bay while Gerry Singer chose Trunk Bay. He brought a video camera and grabbed a 25-second slice of beauty. See it on YouTube here.


Swim practice was on Singer's agenda, a tune up for the Beach to Beach Power Swim May 30th. He regret not bringing a camera because, "I stop swimming and look out at the scene … two deer walking along the beach." 

But wait, there's more.

"The late afternoon sunlight brought  softness to the vivid colors.  At the other end of the beach, a wedding was progress.  Beautiful people gathered together watching the bride in her flowing dress … I stay still for a minute or two taking in the scene before continuing my late afternoon swim," Singer wrote.

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