GoPro Video: North Shore Road

Well folks, we finally have strong enough internet that we can upload some new GoPro videos. Today’s video starts at Mongoose Junction and goes along North Shore Road out to Maho Bay. You can definitely see a lot of progress compared to the first GoPro we did of North Shore Road back in October. Check out our latest video below. We sped it up a tad to keep it around 20 minutes…

And for those of you who’d like to compare it to the October 2017 video, please click this link to check that out.

8 thoughts on “GoPro Video: North Shore Road”

  1. Wow..Mother Nature sure works fast. Glad to see the progress, and with all the awesome help down there, things should continue to get better and better. Thanks for keeping those of us not there apprised.

  2. wow! great way to start Monday! The vegetation looks pretty darn good. Any word if the NPS will try to restore any palms or sea grape back on the beaches?

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